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Chair Covers for Folding Chair (Spandex) - White


Do you always challenge yourself to set up an event up in record time? Is Fast...No hassle...Stress-free what you want? Then, Spandex fabric is your answer!

At any event, putting on and ironing chair covers takes up so much time and effort. But now, with the Spandex Chair Cover for Folding Chairs, we've just saved you a lot of time and sweat. And as a bonus, they look so stylish! No more ironing, just wear the spandex cover on the chair and done; that simple. So if you’re willing to spend a little extra for something you no doubt will want to use many times over due to its quality and sexy style, then this chair cover is your new champion.

Wrinkle FREE, Stain resistant.

Chair Size: Use on Standard Size Folding Chair Only; Top-Bottom Chair Height Approx. 36" ; Chair Width Approx. 16"

How to Care: Hand wash, dry cleaners only. Do not bleach

Material: Premium Spandex